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"Digital Sex Trafficking and In-Person Sex Trafficking
are very different".
Grooming for Digital Sex Trafficking has a different "twist" than in-person.  Online grooming and coercing children into harmful activities must be known and understood by parents, guardians, and professionals. 
DIGITAL SUPERVISION needs to be practised - a user-friendly method to monitor and supervise children as they are on digital devices.
Charlene has presented to crowds of two and crowds of 400,000.  
She believes all groups are worthy of her time for the sake of the
online safety of children worldwide.


Research and updates conducted regularly.

Dr. (h.c.) Charlene Doak-Gebauer

Acclaimed, Award-Winning International Speaker, 

Award-winning Film Producer, Director, Playwright for the documentary "Vulnerable Innocence"

Expert in online child protection - Respected for her theories of:

Digital Supervision and Digital Sex Trafficking

"The Internet hosts more predation than 

any host in the history of the world".  Charlene

In-Person Human Trafficking vs.

Digital Sex Trafficking

Too often, people believe human trafficking begins in person.  Charlene provides information about her newest theory  Digital Sex Trafficking.  This  is an alarming issue that occurs prior to sextortion taking place.  Children are being asked to perform sex acts online, and the pictures/videos are sold, contributing to the multi-billion dollar criminal industry .  This is an insidious form of sex trafficking because parents, guardians and professionals rarely know it is happening.   Book Charlene for a presentation today. 

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