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Global and Keynote Speaker 

Charlene has been featured on several 

radio/television shows, 

podcasts, and newscasts.  

Go to the links below for more information.

Canadian Premiere Screening

Charlene at the door of the theatre where Vulnerable Innocence​ was screened in London, Ontario.  The screening was sold out six weeks prior to the event.

Members of the cast/production team of Vulnerable Innocence who were able to attend the USA premiere - a red-carpet screening, hosted by the  SHERO Foundation​.  Kimberly Myles, Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Arpad Horvath, Jeremy Spence, Holly Dowling.

Premiere Screening USA

Las Vegas​

The red carpet in Las Vegas was hosted by Fox News in Las Vegas.  Dr. Christina Madison (featured on Good Morning America) and Willie Garrett were the hosts.


Media Coverage

Charlene welcomes all opportunities to present to corporations, families, parents, grandparents,

adult allies, organizations and the like.  Our children need our protection. Charlene has been

covered in hundreds of newspapers worldwide.  Her documentary Vulnerable Innocence is available in different channels online. A small number of the news coverage items is listed below, along with

links for more information on her award-winning film:

  • Watch Charlene on a worldwide broadcast through the US Presidential Service Centre.

  • Featured as an online child protection expert in TEACH Magazine.

  • Read about Charlene - featured as an expert in Authority Magazine -subject - On raising children with healthy social media and digital media habits

  • Watch Vulnerable Innocence on several different channels.  Go to to learn more.

  • Purchase/Rent Vulnerable Innocence on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK
  • Vulnerable Innocence on IMBd
  • Charlene's documentary "Vulnerable Innocence"  screening at red-carpet event in Las Vegas October 2022Vulnerable Innocence trailer and awards.
  • September 2021 News From Canada
  • September 2021 Crypto Currency News
  • September 2021 Asia Healthcare Digest
  • September 2021 Australia Education News Hub
  • September 2021 World Education News Network
  • September 2021 Central Europe OnLine
  • September 2021 News Watch U.K.
  • September 2021 State of the Union News USA 
  • Speaker for the Canada Peace Research Association discussing how Digital Supervision
  •              can be used for world peace.
  • Featured speaker for the Congress For The Humanities June 2021
  • May 2021 London Free Press "Parents need to take charge..."
  • February 2021 CTV news "We need to digitize our parenting..."
  • Featured in Toronto Sun - Jane Stevenson reporter November 28 2020
  • Covered in Washington Post - Danielle Braff reporter November 24 2020
  • Sept 2019 interview with the No Schedule Man Kevin Bulmer
  • Published article with Erika Simpson in several media outlets - Article
  • Interview on international television, featured in newscast.  Interview
  • Interview with Chad Warner (South Carolina) Founder of Defending Digital. Chad
  •    endorses the reading of Charlene's second book "The Internet:  Are Children In Charge?"
  •    for parents and adult allies.  Interview
  • Featured on international television through the Miracle Network News in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, and more:  International
  • Featured guest on the Women 2 Watch show 1210 WPHT CBS Philadelphia:  Women 2 Watch
  • Charlene has reached the level of top ten most listened shows for 2018 on the Holly Dowling show out of Scottsdale Arizona.  Holly Dowling
  • Featured - Huffington Post
  • Featured on a CTV News story:  CTV Kitchener, Ontario
  • A second CTV News story:  CTV Kitchener, Ontario 
  • Featured on Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man, Podcast:  Bulmer
  • Rogers TV featured episode:  Rogers TV
  • Crime Stoppers documentary taped following her Keynote Address at their conference:  Crime Stoppers
  • Presenting in Europe (The Hague. Plenary Session 3P):    Charlene in Europe
  • Three-part TV Documentary Series about Digital Supervision:  Documentary
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