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Personal stressors can spill over into the work environment.

Be aware of the personal spill-over effect inhibiting business production and success.


Charlene has developed her Theory of Digital Supervision which can be adapted to different professional venues.  The most popular topic and approach:


Is there stress in the life of employees? Of course!! It can be an unconscious reason why they are not achieving goals. 

 A common personal spill-over effect that interferes with business achievement is worry about children, as parent, grandparent, or adult ally.  This spill-over from home is becoming a greater issue with the digital age expanding and children left alone on digital devices.

Charlene has heard many times when speaking:  "How can I keep children safe digitally and still work?"    "My child is addicted to porn and I don't know what to do."    "My/our kid(s) know more than I/we do." 

This is a GLOBAL issue. The digital safety of children encompasses an enormous challenge which is growing exponentially.   Interviews in several countries have defined this issue.

Corporate, Business, and Education professionals 

Corporate/Business professionals:   learn about the stressors of children/youth as they use digital devices; and, learn how to manage digital devices within their homes to lessen their spill-over effect while working. 

Educators:   learn more about your liabilities and how to improve management of students on digital devices within an education setting; and the social/digital challenges students face daily.  As a qualified educator and former Network Administrator in a secondary school, Charlene gives insight as to protections that must be in place for educators; and the digital and emotional safety of students.

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